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Home Depot to add more than 750 valley jobs

Home Depot Jobs

RANCHO MIRAGE, Cali. -  Spring will be here soon, meaning busy days at the home depot.
     Rancho Mirage Home Depot manager Juan Carlos Fernandez explains, "Well, this is the biggest season of the year for us. I mean this is when people start to do their spring planning, there are more projects coming in."
     To help the chain keep up with the busier days, stores in the valley expect to hire 765 new seasonal employees, with around 80,000 nationally.
     Last year, more than half of Home Depot's temporary hires were eventually given full time positions.
     Jaime Gonzalez is the perfect example of what hard work as a seasonal hire can do. He tells us, "I ended up getting hired first as a seasonal worker, I ended up doing a good job, doing good work. They ended up keeping me temporary permanently as a part timer, then it took me a little while after that, strong worker, then i became a full timer after that." Five years later, he's still there.
     Home Depot also wants to help veterans returning home with its new online military skills translator. "It's actually new program, it was just launched online," Juan Carlos Fernandez says. "So if you go to you can find all the details. It's very simple, we just translate the skills you would use in the military and translate it into something that can be used at the Home Depot."
          You can apply at any Home Depot in the valley, but you might want to apply to multiple stores since available positions will vary. Just head online to, select "In-Store Hourly," then type in your zip code.
     And, here's some advice for people who want to stick around when the season is over. Raveen Reynolds was a temporary hire who turned her chance to work into a full time gig. She tells us, "If you really want it to be a full time job just come in here and work your best, do everything you;re supposed to do, be on time, and just be an overachiever. Take integrity in everything you do, then they'll see that in you and then they'll keep you."

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