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Hemet man consulted on anti-Muslim film

Consultant on anti-muslim film has local ties

HEMET, Calif. - Steven Klein, a Hemet resident, says he consulted on the anti-Muslim film that incited violence in the Middle East.

Right now, he is the only one speaking out about the controversial film and said he has received death threats. In fact, the threats prompted him to cancel his interview. 

Klein said after he agreed to sit down for an interview, he was warned that speaking out would result in people being dragged from their homes and killed in the Middle East. Even with the threats , Klein said he still stands by the movie's anit-Muslim message.

"Do I have blood on my hands? No, I don't. The blood's on their hands, not mine," said Klein.

Klein said even though he doesn't know the real identity of the filmmaker, he asked him to be the spokesperson for the film.

"Number 1, He's not Israeli. Number 2, his real name is not Sam (Bacile).  I don't know his real name," Klein said. 

The film, "Innocence of Muslims," depicts the prophet Muhammed as a buffoon and in sexually suggestive situations. It went almost unnoticed until an Egyptian talk show host showed it on TV, and the film went viral.

"Well, what Sam wanted to do, he wanted to go after the real radical, less than one percent (of Muslims)," said Klein.

Klein says he consulted with the filmmaker on First Amendment rights.

"He said, 'Will the American police lock me up?' Because that's what happens from his home country. I said, 'No, you'll be safe, you'll be okay. And, I have a team of attorneys that will defend you.' And so, it took about an hour, he was really nervous, really scared. All of them are, of the police. And so that was the reason I met with him," said Klein.

Klein said the secrecy raised red flags, but he believes in the anti-Muslim message. In fact, he describes himself as an outspoken critic of radical islam.

"I could not have done a better job than what I have done to point out to the people of the world and the vast majority of Muslims just how dangerous these people are," says Klein.

But not everyone associated with the film agrees.

Actress Cindy Lee Garcia, who appears in the film, said, "It just turned into a nightmare" and the director lied to her.

"There was never any mention of Muhammad or Muslims or anything like that in the film. I was just playing the role of a mother.  I have the actual script, I have the title of the film, which was "Desert Warriors."  We were supposed to be playing a film of how life was 2,000 years ago in compared to today and that's what the film was supposed to be about," says Garcia.

Garcia was shocked to see the film mocking the prophet Muhammed.

"I want my name cleared, I want my name cleared that I want no part of that, that I would never hurt anybody no matter what religion they are. No matter what nationality they are, that I am not that woman," says Garcia. "I pray now for the family that lost their loved ones, and I am praying for the madness to stop."

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, of Cerriots, admits to managing the production company but federal authorities say he is Sam Bacile, the man behind all of this controversial film. LA County Sheriff deputies are now protecting him and his family.

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