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Help "Stuff the Bus"

Palm Desert, Calif. - List of needed items:

Mops Soap Mattress pads for twin beds
Brooms Kaboom bath cleaner Sheets-twin, white & beige
Vacuums Toilet paper Pillows/blanket
Ajax Cleaners Toilet brushes/plungers Lawn care equipment
Oven gloves Bath/Face towels (white Rakes, shovels, hoes,
Dish sets only) lawn trash bags
Silverware sets Shower curtains Hand tools
Pot and pan sets Shower gel Food - Pasta, Canned
Kitchen towels Deodorant Meats, Chicken, Tuna,
Dish Soap Toothbrushes Soups, Spices,
Disinfectant spray Hair brushes Canned Veggies, Cereal
Clorox wipes Razors Peanut Butter and Jellies
Sponges Shaving cream Stater Bros. gift cards
Napkins Chapstick/Lipbalm Walmart gift cards
Sandwich bags Lotion
Zip lock freezer bags Feminine Hygiene pads Home Depot gift cards
Laundry soap Tampons

This event will be held at the Palm Desert Sheriffs Station located at 73-705
Gerald Ford in the city of Palm Desert. Drop-offs will be accepted 8-5 PM daily
with after hour donations accepted 24

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