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Gun control talks shoot ammo prices up

Ammo Shortage

While the discussion over gun control on Capitol Hill continues, local gun enthusiasts are seeing ammo prices increase.  Stores like Yellow Mart, Tim's Gun Shop and Guns of Distinction in Palm Desert join stores across the country struggling to keep up with increasing demand for ammo.  The low supply and high demand translates to higher prices for consumers. "It has tripled and quadrupled since then," said gun owner Leonard Goldstein.  "Here in the valley, there's a complete shortage."

While gun enthusiasts must spend more, store owners like Mark Wasserkrug can't complain.  He points to the commander-in-chief for the boost in sales. "We thank the president," said Wasserkrug. "He's done a great job in stimulating the gun sales business, never been better."

Wasserkrug believes President Obama's push for gun control prompted the rush.  Others like Sean Brandt point to legislation that came out of the Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado shootings.  "The reason is that the potential assault weapons ban that was floating around for a while," said Brandt.  "People thought that they weren't going to be able to get those guns."

Gun enthusiasts hurried to buy their guns as well as stocking up on bullets.  "Because there's such a rush, yes, there are people with ammo, buying lots of ammo, but they're hoarding them," said Wasserkrug. "They're packing."

Packing and trying to resell them at a higher price.  While the senate works to reach a compromise, Wasserkrug offers this advice to gun enthusiasts. "Don't go crazy, just remember that things are going to settle down."

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