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Futures more promising for 15 dogs rescued in Palm Springs

Animals taken from overcrowded home where many suffered from neglect and abuse

Dogs Rescued

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Scars don't make you unlovable, they often mean you're in greater need of love -- and have more love to give.

Animal Rescue Corps saved fifteen dogs from a hoarder in Palm Springs who now faces animal cruelty charges.

"Deplorable conditions, absolutely disgusting house, it was boarded up. High levels of ammonia, an awful stench for quite some time," Scotlund Haisley of Animal Rescue Corps said.

Now given proper love and affection, these 15 dogs will get a new lease on life with new owners.

"They had a pack mentality, and a lot of anxiety. So, what has been happening over the years they have been attacking each other," Haisley said.
That's where the scars come from.  Scars -- physical and emotional - will go away, though.
"With some socialization, some behavior training, and finding the correct fit, I do see them as being adoptable," veterinarian Lindi Kopecko said.

Most likely, these animals will not be at the palm springs shelter for long.

"We will be working with placement partners throughout North America. Those placement partners are smaller rescue groups, foster networks, other shelters who have the means and resources to take these animals and ultimately adopt them out," Haisley said.

Some of the dogs are already almost adoptable. If you want a chance to take one of these animals home before they leave the Coachella Valley, you know where to come.

You can go to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter to donate to help Animal Rescue Corps pay for this $25,000 rescue mission.

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