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Full-Time Worker & Homeless

Santa Barbara, Calif. - Julius Torrevillas is behind the wheel of a Santa Barbara MTD bus five days a week. A full-time jobs that pays $19 an hour. But when his work day's over, he moves from his bus to another vehicle; his van where he lives. He and his wife live in this van because he makes too much to qualify for public housing, but can't afford rent in the high cost city of Santa Barbara.

Debt from a failed small business piled up and he and his wife are still digging out. So they sleep in a county parking lot, joined by more than a dozen others who live in their cars. It's called the Safe Parking Lot Program. 114 spaces spread out across the county with a waiting list of more than 40.

Nancy Kapp with the New Beginnings program says, "I have senior citizens. I have couples. I have families." She also says a third of the people, have jobs but are under-employed.

Julius Torrevillas and his wife start their starty on the move, they have breakfast at the donut shop, the public bathroom, and their dressing room; the back of the van. Julius says, "Normal life is what you miss. Living in a van is not the norm." Julius also added, "I think the middle class has slid down the scale a little bit more to the lower class and it's a little tougher for the middle class people to survive and actually pursue the American dream."

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