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Friedli Witnesses Come Forward

Witnesses are turning to the newly formed cold case investigation team

Friedli Witness Comes Forward

MOUNTAIN CENTER, Calif. - The day after a cold case investigation team revealed they're assisting in the Becky Friedli murder case, witnesses are coming forward to tell their stories. They hope each piece of information is one step closer to solving the case.

A witness who asked us to not to reveal his identity contacted us, with information he says he's been trying to get the Sheriff's Department to follow up on, for 6 years.
The witness tells us, "When something like this has happened and I saw what I saw, from the get-go of the investigation and when I called them, I just had a bad taste in my mouth about the whole thing."

We tried contacting the Sheriff's Department and Public Information Officer, Deputy Albert Martinez sent us this statement: "I spoke to our cold case unit yesterday and they advised me that the case is still on-going."

We also contacted the newly formed cold case team, lead by Luis Bolanos and they agreed to meet with us and the witness, to hear about what he saw the night of the murder.
The witness says, "I was on my way up the mountain and coming up out of nowhere there was a guy, that looked so out of place."

He says he was on his way to visit his sister-in-law, in Pinyon Pines, around 6 o'clock that night, when he saw a disheveled, white man, around 6 foot 2, with a blonde or reddish beard. He says he was wearing a red, flannel shirt over a dirty white t-shirt and a brown van was parked close-by. We drove with the witness and to mile marker 88-53, so he could show us more. He says, "The brown van was right here. He was coming up right by where that blue car is. He was coming up out of the mountain and over the guard rail and I was coming right at him when he was coming over the guard rail. And I was like what the hell is he doing? Why would he come from down there?"

Luis Bolanos says, "The area he pointed out is pretty steep, rough terrain. The time frame is pretty short but there's a power line road back there any maybe there's a motorcycle path. I don't know. But we're going to let it prove itself out. Maybe there is a path or trail you can knock out in 20 minutes."

The spot is just under 10 miles from the murder scene. The witness says he can't help but think the person he saw could be connected to the tragedy on Alpine Drive.
Bolanos says anyone who remembers the smallest detail from that night should come forward, because it could be just what they need to complete the puzzle. He says, "It does tie into maybe something else, we're looking at. There's a common denominator there that rings more important to the individual, than the van itself and we'll be checking that out. So every tidbit helps. Call and let us decide if it's useful or not. We're just thankful for the phone call."

The witness says, "It means a lot. It means they're trying to do something 6 years later or not, it's back under investigation and they're going to catch who did it."

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