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Flu season shaping up to be worse than before

"Usually come fever, headache, aches and pains, the whole gamut," pharmacist Steve Pomerance said.

With those symptoms, and this time of year, you know flu season is here.

"The viruses you get in the winter come from the far east, and work their way across and land in the United States," Pomerance said.

Though most cases don't begin to pop up until late October, Pomerance suggested getting prepared now.

If you thought the spring flu was bad, he said this fall/winter flu will be even worse.

"We had a very hot year, a hot summer, and the season was a little longer. So when you have that long of a summer, viruses have a chance to multiply, and it becomes a little bit more severe," Pomerance said. "There's lot of complications from this winter flu, a lot of deaths if it's not treated properly."

Michael Stern changed his mind about getting a flu shot.

"I never felt like I needed it, but if it's going to be a very bad season, maybe it'll be worthwhile," Stern said.

Besides a shot, keep your hands washed and clean, because your health lies in them.

"Exercise, drink lots of fluids, stay healthy, get enough rest, take your vitamins. Basically just common sense," Pomerance said.

Health experts recommend everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated.

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