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Fish and Game capture and kill Whitewater bear

Black bear seen wandering in desert area for months

Bear Sighting in Clearwater

WHITEWATER, Calif. - A black bear that had been spotted wandering the desert area near Whitewater has been captured and killed says the Department of Fish and Game.  They came out and got the sick bear after our report aired Tuesday night.

The bear had been spotted in the desert area wandering around, looking for food. "Everyone was out in the field staring at something. I came running, yelling, 'Mom what's going on?'" said Brieana Blackstone of Whitewater.

"It has slobber, looked unhealthy, looked like it was out for whatever it could get," said A.J. Cortigiani of Whitewater.  Neighbors Joy Kane and her niece Brieana called us Tuesday night, fearing for the worst. "The mama bear could come running down the hill and looking for its cub, and attack everyone in sight."

Dave Harrison saw the bear over the past five months and named him "Boo Bear."
"He keeps coming back, so apparently he's made this a home," said Harrison.

The Department of Fish and Game reassures it is common for bears to wander the Whitewater-Banning area but it's unusual for people to spot them so close to the freeway.

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