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FBI asks for help in child sexual abuse case

FBI Seeks help with local connection.

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - The FBI is seeking the public's assistance in finding two women linked to digital evidence in an ongoing investigation involving the sexual abuse of a minor.  The minor is described as a 6 to 8 year-old girl whose photo continues to be circulated in numerous child pornography forums on the Internet, authorities said.

The unidentified women, "Jane Doe #25" and "Jane Doe #26", are not seen in newly released digital images and video, but they may be able to provide valuable details regarding the identity of the victim or suspect, FBI investigators said.

Images containing both individuals were found on the internet, and first came to the attention of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in August of 2012.  Jane Doe 25 is described as a white female, likely between the ages of 18 and 25, with dark hair, and a wing tattoo covering most of her back.  Jane Doe 26 is described as a possibly Hispanic female, likely between the ages of 25 and 35, with dark hair and brown eyes.  "These are not even individuals who are involved in the abuse to our knowledge," said Laura Eimiller from the FBI.  "They're clues that are taken from the images and video of real child pornography."

The whereabouts of the unidentified women are not currently known, but investigators believe that the individuals may possibly have ties to Los Angeles, Riverside or San Bernardino counties.  Investigators hope the photos attract the attention of someone who's seen the distinctive features, especially the tattoo.  A tattoo Desert Hot Springs resident Dean Gray.  "You know it's distinctive from the wings on the back, but I've seen a couple of ladies with that kind of design in their tattoos," said Gray. 

Another photo released by the FBI shows the victim wearing a San Bernardino Junior fire Marshal hat.  Another photo not released, possibly links the women to the valley.  "Some of the images that we have are of the victim swimming in a pool, hotel pool in Desert Hot Springs," said Eimiller.

The background of one of the photos shows a pool facility.  We showed it to a long time employee at the Desert Hot Springs Spa who told us off camera, it looks like their pool.  For Gray, it's too close to home.  "I'm just surprised to see anything like that happening, much less in the Coachella Valley but we have to go after it aggressively," said Gray. 

The FBI hopes others will remain vigilant like Gray to help save this little girl. "I'm going to keep my eyes open, if I see anything I'm going to call the cops right away," says Gray.

If you have any tips, you are asked to call the FBI toll-free hotline, 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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