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Fans talk 'Coachella' weekend one best and worst

Coachella Fest Weekend

INDIO. Calif. - Coachella Music and Arts Festival means the desert gets invaded  - with people purely looking for a good time.

"Everybody should come here at least once in their life. It's a great opportunity to hear great music, see great people, and just have an amazing weekend," Alvaro Montano said.

With weekend one almost in the books, festival goers talk about what they loved the most so far.

"The atmosphere. How you can have that many people in one place at one time and everybody finds a way to get along," Stuart Miller said.

One way to stay happy in such big crowds -- stay fed! A local restaurant, Mario's Italian Cafe, actually added to it's normal business hours, opening two and a half hours early for breakfast.

"The festival food is great but it's pretty overpriced. Its nice to get out and get into the real world for a while," Jonathan Kimpton said.

Some fans said they didn't like the lineup as much this year. We heard another complaint that actually sparked some heat on social media.
"There was a little disappointment on one stage when Modest Mouse went over their set time, and they just cut the music on them. They were still playing but no one could hear them. That was a bit disappointing," Kimpton said.

"I also think it's a lot more crowded. I almost think they need to reduce the amount of ticket sales and cut the amount of acts so you can see the acts without major conflict," Miller said.

A positive commonality was a love for the 'Coachella' atmosphere.
"It's great, very fun to be around people. Very lovable. Everybody loves each other. It's a happy place," Montano said.

"People help each other out, everybody is looking out for each other. Most people are really cool. It's kind of a change from normal society. Like an alternate universe in a way," Miller said.

A universe that get's another go next weekend.

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