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Family honors U.S. Marine killed in Palm Springs officer involved shooting

Vigil held for Marine

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - It was an emotional gathering at a downtown Palm Springs parking structure, where family, friends and fellow Marines held a candlelight vigil in honor of 22-year-old U.S. Marine Corporal Allan DeVillena, II on Thursday. Aaron Olguin, 16, wore army tags that were a gift from his big brother.

"He had so many plans. He was robbed of his dreams. He was robbed of everything," said Olguin.

They're shining light on the place where the Twentynine Palms Marine of San Jose was shot and killed by Palm Springs Police officers Saturday morning.

Police say DeVillena was attempting to run over one of their officers with another officer hanging from the car as DeVillena tried to drive away, which lead them to open fire.

"This is so inconsistent with my son's behavior. We're a religious family. We're a family that prays together and is supposed to stay together," said Allan DeVillena Sr.

The family says the tragedy isn't an issue it plans to sweep under the rug.

"We won't stop until we get justice for the murder of my son," said DeVillena.

At their side, calling attention to the investigation, was Los Angeles Civil Rights Association President Eddie Jones.

DeVillena, Sr. says it's a long road ahead for his family.

"We all miss him. We love him. This is our job for the rest of our lives," he said.

Aaron says this vigil is a reminder of the good times spent with his protector.
"It's uplifting, but depressing. I didn't want to come here to light candles for my brother. He was supposed to go to college, live his dreams. He deserved so much more than this," said Aaron.

The two officers involved remain on paid administrative leave as investigations are being conducted internally by PSPD and by the Riverside County District Attorney's Office.

The city says it is saddened by the family's loss and the death of the U.S. Marine, however, police say they felt threatened.

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