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Exclusive: Husband of Sky Valley murder victim speaks out

Husband of Sky Valley victim speaks out

SKY VALLEY, Calif. - New information about the woman found in a shallow grave in Sky Valley two weeks ago.  Her husband is speaking out for the first time.

Enrique Villarreal says, "She was a good person."

Villarreal says his wife Arianna left him and their four kids almost five years ago.

"I would get a random text now and then," said Villarreal.

He says he hadn't heard from her in about a year and was shocked to learn Arianna was murdered.

"I didn't feel anything. I didn't feel anything," said Villarreal.

Villarreal says he didn't know anything about her new life.

"Who is this guy?  That is the biggest question I have is, who is he? What type of a person does it take to do these things?" said Villarreal.

The Riverside Sheriff's Department is still trying to figure out what happened that night.  What we do know, is Carl Oerdock's roommate called police saying Perdock was depressed over his break-up with his girlfriend and making threats. 

Deputies found evidence of a crime at Arianna's house but didn't find her.  Investigators were directed to another house one street over on Longvue Road.  It was there deputies found Perdock, but he took off.
With the help of a CHP helicopter he was found and arrested.  It wasn't until after midnight they found Arianna's body in a shallow grave behind the house on Longvue Road.

"They told me they had already identified her based on her tattoo. He showed me the tattoo and its a design that I had originally designed a long time ago when we were kids, and she liked it and got it tattooed," said Villarreal.

Police say Arianna was kidnapped and tortured before she was killed.

"I was just trying to process it.  I'm still trying to process it,"said Villarreal.

A second person, Brian Arnold, was also shot, but investigators have not disclosed his involvement.

"Now I just want answers that I am not getting," said Villarreal.

Villarreal says things are just not adding up.

"There is a lot about this I just don't trust.  The time frame that it happened and the time that the calls were made.  I know the area.  I made maps for years and I've been looking at the area and I don't understand.  It doesn't make sense."

Villarreal says his kids are taking this very hard.

"I keep hearing my kids say its not fair, and they always hoped she come back even though they were mad, they still loved her," said Villarreal.

"She was a good woman.  Nobody deserves this," said Villarreal.

Perdock is set to be arraigned Tuesday morning.

A fund has been step up in Arianna's name for her kids and to pay for the funeral. For more information click here.

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