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Eviction Notice Just in Time for the Holidays

Desert Moon Resort Sells and Tenants Told to Leave

Eviction Notice Just in Time for the Holidays

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The Desert Moon Resort in Palm Springs is in the process of being sold and people who have made it their home are being told to leave, just days before Christmas.
     Back in September of 2011 we reported a deadly shooting at the converted apartment complex-- on North Palm Canyon.
     More than a year later, the bullet hole still remains in the window and the landlord, Laverne Kato hasn't repaired it, among a list of other things.
    The complex is now in escrow and the current tenants were recently given a 30-day eviction notice.
     The caretaker tells us he can't pay the bills to keep the basic utilities running.
     We found rat droppings in a vacant unit, rooftops in need of repair, no working smoke alarms and various plumbing issues.
     Tenant, John Seger says, "I want the owner of the building to answer for all the repeated health violations. The black mold, the fires, not repairing the bullet holes from the murders, so I don't have to tell my friends that's where the guy was murdered over there, that's nice!"
     The landlord couldn't be reached for comment.
     We called her realtor, Richard DeCarlo, who served the eviction notice on her behalf.
     He says the property is in escrow and should close by the end of December.

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