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Elvis Presley Estate owner speaks out

Evicted Elvis Owner Speaks

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Twenty two year desert resident and eight year Elvis Presley Estate owner Reno Fontana has a much different view of the home he loves.
"I'm on the outside looking in," Fontana said.

Chains and a no trespassing sign show what's left after the sheriff's department evicted him last month.

"It's terribly frustrating, inconvenient beyond terms, I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating this has been," Fontana said.

His investor's attorney accused him of not making his payments and even stealing Elvis memorabilia when he left. We sat down with Fontana to hear the estate's story.  

Reno read court papers aloud,"...establishes that by 5-14-08, plaintiffs, us, paid the defendant $114,970.13 which exceeded the delinquent amount due under the notice of default."

 "We paid them (bills). Not only did I pay them, the court found we paid them in advance," Fontana added.

Eviction still happened, and Fontana still doesn't know why.

"I had three judges on three separate occasions stop the eviction, and on this one particular day I had a commissioner rule against all the other three judges' rulings," Fontana said.

As far as taking memorabilia from the 17 million dollar home, and Fontana says that's true.

"It all belonged to me. We bought and paid for all of it. I wasn't aware that I had to leave back all of my elvis memorabilia and everything we had purchased for them so the could operate an immediate business," Fontana said.

Which he says is investing company financial bonanza's plan.

"There is a 12 million dollar equity in this house, it's an extraordinary property. Its all about greed on the part of Financial Bonanza," Fontana said.
Fontana says he'll meet them head on.
"I'm going to get the home back. I will be put back on title after my trial. And I will get damages from these guys, punitive and actual."
The trial is set for May 20th.

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