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Desert Hills Premium Outlets expands

Whether in the market for pants or purses, the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon is the go-to spot for many shoppers.

"I just like the selection there better than at the mall. Malls are usually pretty limited," shopper Marci Edgar said. "You can find everything in one place, and you can certainly spend a day or more there looking around."

Now, your favorite hot spot is getting bigger.

"We'll be adding 45 stores, which is approximately 145,000 square feet, and once that's all complete, we'll be over 170 stores," Desert Hills Outlet Mall general manager Dottie Montana said.

"I think I'll have to move closer!" Edgar said.

Outlet fans we talk to only seemed to have one issue.

"I try to figure out what days, what time of the season is best to go out there so we don't have to ruin the experience by having to drive around endlessly looking for a parking place," Marci Edgar's husband, Terry Edgar, said.

Desert Hills Premium Outlets has an answer for that.

"We are building the indoor parking structure, that's the parking garage that will be completed in 2013," Montana said.

Construction you see now is for more level parking, and once that's complete, the parking garage will go behind the Polo store.

The new stores, ready in May of 2014, will be built in the east wing.

"More economic impact for the community, more shopping. It's all around good," Montana said.

It's all around great for any job hunters as well.

"Coach has approximately 70 employees, and that's just one store. We have 130 right now, and we'll have 170 when we're done. It will create hundreds of jobs," Montana said. "It's going to be just what everybody wants. More name brands, and more parking!"

Coming as soon as it can, to the Desert Hills Premium Outlets near you!

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