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Desert Democrats and Republicans chime in at final debate parties

Voters watch final Presidential Debate

INDIO, Calif. - Awaiting the start of the third and final 2012 Presidential Debate, Coachella Valley Republican clubs gathered at the Indian Springs Grille in Indio for a viewing party.

"I'm very confident it's going to be a good debate," said Randy Morton, president of the Coachella Valley Heritage Palms Conress of Republicans.

Morton said some key issues he hoped would be addressed, "I think we need to get the issue of Bengazi, Libya, straightened out. What the president knew and when he knew it, then we can go from there."
So it began, both President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney voiced their positions on foreign policy, including the attack in Libya, troops in Iraq and foreign trade.

"Mitt is for progress of the country and Obama wants to talk about what he did. It's all not true. We wouldn't be in this state if progress was made under the Obama administration," said Joy Miedecke, of the East Valley Republican Women Federated.

Others disagreed. Across town Democrats also had their eyes glued to the screen at Studio One 11 in Cathedral City.

"It's not factual. The thing is, if you look at the last debates Romney told 31 lies, 47 lies in the second debate. Obama hasn't, especially in the foreign policy debate," said Greg Rodriguez, of the Democrats of the Desert.

"It's stunning to me. I don't know what Governor Romney stands for. It will change," said Elle Kurpiewski, of the Democrats of the Desert.

There were different opinions of who won Monday night's debate.

"Definitely feel like this is a good election for the Republican party and Romney's going to be elected by a landslide," said Miedecke.

Kurpiewski said, "There's no question. President Obama hands down won this debate. It was excellent."

"Overall it gets down to who is better candidate to move the country forward, not only domestically but internationally," said Rodriguez.

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