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Crosswalk danger to look out for

INDIO, Calif. - Seven days a week, you can find Curtis Carrasco walking to work, in a rush like everyone else.
"The crosswalks are here to be used but I don't see a lot of people using them," Carrasco said.

Last month alone, five people were killed - each hit by a car. One person was crossing in Palm Springs, two in Cathedral City, one in Desert Hot Springs, and one in Rancho Mirage.

Police say all were jaywalking.  

"Sometimes the crosswalk will take a long time, so some people just cross right here between the medians," Carrasco said.
"The season is here, streets are full of drivers. Sidewalks are full of pedestrians. We have all kinds of people on foot and bicycles," Ben Guitron of the indio police Department said. "It's not always the responsibility of the driver, it's the responsibility of the pedestrian."

Both should be on alert, though.

"It's pretty scary to almost have those close calls," Carrasco said.

As we put this story together, we witnessed numerous close calls, showing both drivers and pedestrians aren't paying enough attention.

"The number one thing we all need to learn from this is to be careful. What is the rush, where are we going? Is it worth the risk that we get hurt or endanger your safety or the safety of others?" Guitron said

"Watch where you're going, watch out for cars, and use the laws of the road," Carrasco said.

Police say your safety is in your hands -- so press that button and slow down.

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