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Community calls for CVUSD school board recall

Families in CVUSD Band Together

THERMAL, Calif. - Taking matters into their own hands, parents in the Coachella Valley Unified School District served four school board members with recall notices at Thursday's meeting, including Anna Lisa Vargas, Joe Murillo, vice president Manuel Martinez and board president Lowell Kamper.

"They're not prepared. They don't care," said Marina Barragan, a senior at Desert Mirage High School.

Marina held posters in support of electing a new school board. Her mother Martha says parents are tired of how it handles business.

"Spending is done improperly. They're not open-minded. To me, there are a lot of reasons to recall the board. It just took too long."

The community called the members "fiscally irresponsible" and blamed them for "destabilizing school sites" after firing, forcing resignations and reassigning as many as 40 administrators since 2011.

Students at Coachella Valley, West Shores, and Desert Mirage High Schools say the issues are taking a toll on their campuses.

"Everything that's going on is affecting me, my family and my school. It's corrupt and we need to fix it," said Marina.

The recall would force the board members to stand for election prior to completing his or her term in office.

District superintendent Darryl Adams said the board is doing a great job advocating for the community and that every dollar spent is to benefit students.

However, neighbors hope a new board can piece together what once was.

"I want my community back, for it to be a family again. Not divided," said Barragan.

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