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CHP officers help kids have a miracle Christmas

CHP officers help kids have a miracle Christmas

THERMAL, Calif. - If you don't believe in Christmas miracles, you may have never seen how two California Highway Patrol officers spend Christmas morning.

CHP's Chips For Kids toy drive is an annual event, but for two years now, the officers hand delivered presents door to door -- on Christmas morning. For some kids, the only gifts they will get for the holiday.

"They were asking two days ago, two little kids from next door, asking "Tia, are the police going to come?" I said, "I don't know, I don't know if this year they're going to come," Maribel Lopez said.

They did, though - heroic Santa's. They toted toys and even some good advice, as we heard the officers urging kids to continue with school and to pursue their dreams.
Hundreds of toys stuffed the CHP cars -- toys community members donated.
"There are some families that don't have the opportunity to give their kids presents for Christmas. It's a really good feeling to see all these little kids happy and that they're enjoying Christmas."

"My mom, she's a single mother, she doesn't really afford to get him everything he wants. It's really nice he can get things like these that help out families," Judith Rodriguez said.

Knowing the community came together to make sure our valley kids have a good christmas, can surely make a believer out of anyone.

"A Christmas miracle for sure," Rodriguez said.

KESQ and CBS Local 2 were sponsors of the Chips For Kids toy drive. Our station filled four big boxes of toys thanks to generous donations from our viewers.

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