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Changes on the way for deadly intersection

Cal Trans has finally offered a solution after several recent wrecks

Dangerous intersection to get traffic signal

WHITEWATER, Calif. - An 18 year old woman lay unconscious Wednesday morning, after the latest traffic collision at what residents say is a dangerous intersection.

The accident was the second in a week, and at least the third in the last month.

Evidence of the intersections dangerous past litters the median and sides of Highway 62, near the intersection at Dillon Road.

There are extra stop signs in the median of the divided highway to help drivers cross the road safely. But, high speed limits and those stop signs are just the beginning to what makes the area so dangerous.

Robert Wendler works at Guide Dogs of the Desert, just up the hill from the intersection. He told us, "I cross this intersection every single day along with my employees and hundreds of volunteers that come up to our organization every year.

I've heard comments about how dangerous (it is), or they've had a close call here. Within the last three weeks we've had three vehicle accidents at this intersection."

Robert proceeded to show us the blind spots that several "Do Not Enter" signs create for drivers crossing the road.

Blind spots that he thinks are the culprit in many of the intersection's collisions, including the one he assisted with this morning.

"I think it was an obstructed view, and it really brought it to light to me when I crawled in the back of the car and found an unconscious 18 year old woman.

It woke me up. So I thought what can I do, what can we do, what can Cal Trans do to prevent a memorial from going out here," Wendler said.

As it turns out, Cal Trans is thinking the same thing. But, instead of moving the signs, a traffic signal will be installed at the intersection starting early next year.

Some people who frequent the intersection think installing the signal isn't necessary, especially for its projected cost of $1 million.

Nellie Viera is one of those who believe people just need to be more cautious. "It's costing a lot of people money, taxes you know. I think they don't (need it)," Viera said.

Unfortunately, drivers' habits cannot be changed in the course of a few days or even a year, which is about how long it's going to take to install the traffic signal.

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