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Celebrities golf for kids

Warburton Golf

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Drivers, putters, and woods - check, check, check. Actor Patrick Warburton and his band of loyal celebrity friends teamed up for the 3rd Annual Patrick Warburton Golf For Kids Celebrity Golf Tournament.
"What's special about this is getting together with old friends. I've known Luke (Perry) since we were in acting classes together 30 years ago," Warburton said.

"Patrick was actually the first person I met when I moved to LA back in 1986, fresh out of college, on the driving range, both young actors hitting LA," actor Kevin Sorbo said.

Celebrities pulled together at  the Classic Club in Palm Desert to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research  Hospital.

"They tell them it's for a reason, it's because you're going back to school. You're going to be out there riding your bicycle. You're going to be playing, you're going right back to school so don't get too used to being here," actor Luke Perry said.  "When you can take something like that and funnel it into something like this, and that's what Patrick Warburton is about."

As are Luke Perry, Robin Meade, Brett Baier, Michael Pena, Oliver Hudson...the list goes on.

Philanthropic celebrities came from all over.

"I started (playing golf) in the fall, and it was for a story: can you get a newbie to learn golf in five lessons from the PGA. So I tried it and fell in love. That doesn't mean I'm good, but I do love it, the crack of the ball," CNN anchor Robin Meade said.

With operation costs at 1.8 million dollars a day, events like this give hope a chance.

"Seventy percent of their operation is funded by private donations. Now that might be someone who can only afford 5 dollars a year, but St Jude's is their charity and they give it," Warburton said.
Last year more than $310,000 was raised. With bigger crowds and goals: on the path to raising even more money - check.

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