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Carnival Palm Springs On-Hold

$260,000.00 Dedicated to Palm Springs Events

Funds to keep Palm Springs on the map change a bit

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Plans for the very first "Carnival Palm Springs" are on-hold, allowing more money to be invested in Marilyn Monroe, pilots and cooks!
Just because you have to put your carnival masks away this year, doesn't mean there won't be other ways to celebrate. In fact, $260,000.00 dollars is still dedicated to keep Palm Springs in the spotlight. Palm Springs City Manager, David Ready says, "The fund we share with P.S. Resorts, the idea was for them to look at the whole range and universe of things, they could use to boost tourism."

One of those options was Carnival, slated for September, but it was postponed, since it was hard finding a promoter, with enough sponsorship money. Tim Ellis, V.P. of P.S. Resorts says, "The challenge with first-time events is it's difficult to attract sponsors because there's no track record and we certainly didn't want to spend a lot of money."

Carnival or another entertainment-type event is slated for fall 2013. In the meantime, they'll focus on events surrounding the blonde bombshell down the block, attracting tourists and helping to fill nearby restaurants, like Pinocchio's. The City says investing in Marilyn while she's here makes sense. She's become the hottest attraction on Palm Canyon, generating over a thousand likes on Facebook and around 400,000 page views. Ellis says, "It's been a huge plus for the city. The international pubic relations has been just phenomenal, so we've decided to continue with the concert series from now until next June."

Bands will perform on the lawn once a month on Sunday nights, in an effort to extend weekend business. Other events to look forward to include the National Chile Cook-Off finals in October 2013 and the Air America Pilots Association conference, all in an effort to keep Palm Springs on the map.

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