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Camping Changes for Stagecoach

No Tents or Rented R.V.'s Allowed

     If you planned to party in your R.V. at Stagecoach, today was the deadline for applications. And not everyone will be able to take a break between sets in their tents and R.V.'s during the next country music festival. New camping restrictions are in place in 2013, meant to control an increasingly rowdy crowd.  The reputation of country's laid-back crowd has been in question, as the popularity of Stagecoach has grown. Close to 200 concert-goers were arrested at music festival in 2012 and a 17-year-old was the victim of sexual assault. To try and tone down the crowd, promoter, Goldenvoice has some new rules in place for 2013. The Stagecoach website clearly states no rental R.V.'s are allowed, and all R.V.'s must have the registered owner present. You can't camp in your car and no tents for sleeping are allowed. R.V. fees are also going up, to between $855.00 and $955.00

     The changes come as a surprise for Albert's R.V. Rentals in Palm Springs, who usually rents close to 30 R.V.'s for Stagecoach alone and already had reservations booked for 2013.  They tell us, "It's a big disappointment that they won't let renters in and it's really going to affect us. It's going to affect everyone in the community, not just us."

     But when it comes to the overall experience for concert-goers, local law-enforcement are on-board. Ben Guitron, PIO for the Indio Police Department tells us, "Obviously the promoter is doing their best because they want an environment that's safe, clean fun and makes for a memorable experience."

     And places like the Tropics Motor Hotel say the changes are welcome for their small business.  Frank Vanderveer says, "They've got a good reputation and they need to maintain that. And it's like the bulk of what we check-in here. They're good people. They cause us no problems. We run a tight ship and keep a handle on it and they need to do the same, this is probably what this is all about."

     On a larger scale, Anndee Laskoe, Public Relations Manager Fantasy Springs Resort Casino tells us, "We aren't seeing any influx yet. Generally we don't fill up for Stagecoach, but that might change now and we're ready for them."

    Our request to Goldenvoice for a statement regarding the camping changes was not returned.  The 2013 festival, is set for april 26-28.
    Tickets for go on sale Saturday, October 20th.

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