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Businesses deal with heat and no power

Extreme heat wasn't the only problem the valley had to deal with Thursday.

"The power went out. It blasted out. I had customers in here and they got scared. It was a big explosion," Robert Luna of Denny's Barber Shop said.

A problem at a Southern California Edison substation blew power out for thousands of people, making normal activities brutal -- and running a business flat out impossible.

"I am right here with a towel -- sweating and no customers," Luna said. "I have about eight fans in here, and they are not working so all I have to rely on is my towel with cold water."

Without any air conditioning, Denny's Barber Shop in the Date Palm Shopping Plaza was forced to close all day, meaning a loss in revenue.

"Usually we have customers coming in right now, but because we have no power we're having to turn people away. That's hard on us and the economy," Luna said.

From one business that can't serve customers without power, to another business that physically cannot operate without it at all.

Taqueria San Miguel next door had one goal and one goal only when the lights went black.

"For the freezers and the fridges to try to keep the food fresh," Christian Delgadillo of Taqueria San Miguel said.

The owner says spoiled food would amount to over a thousand dollars in losses.
Both businesses eagerly await for the lights and air to come back on -- until then, "I will be here for them to tell them tomorrow or the next day," Luna said.

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