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Bright and bold: Modernism Week

Modernism Weeks Kicks off

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -  Scott Feldsher described modernism in a nutshell, "So timeless and beautiful and efficient."

He and Sarah Golden came to the desert because of their love for all things modern.
"The only reason to live in San Diego is because you're two hours from Palm Springs," Golden said.

It's the chic designs and vibrant colors that's keeping them in awe at the 2nd Annual Modern Living Expo and Prefab showcase in Palm Springs.

"We have a trailer bar which is a concept where they're taking trailers which are usually used for schools or Katrina they used these metal home containers, and they took one at the beginning of the years and they converted it into a trailer bar," Chris Mobley, a Modernism Week board member, said.

"This is fantastic. For people like us, always looking to downsize or retire, where will we retire, this is going to be the solution. The greener these things get and the more practical they get, that's going to be what a lot of people our age are going to be doing," Golden said.

As people wandered through the Prefab exhibits and took in all the fresh and fabulous items at the Expo, Scott told us why he thinks modernism is coming alive again.

"Form and function and simplicity I think really suits what's going on now with the idea of trying to be more efficient with living spaces and design. I think we've gone past the excesses of the 80s," he said.
The way Palm Springs does Modernism Week, it gives people of all ages something to get excited about.

"The younger group has something they can look forward to by seeing the newer homes and the old architecture, and people who have been coming to Palm Springs forever get to see the old and new at the same time," Mobley said.

"When I come here, I feel like I've come to adult Disneyland, the second we get on (Highway) 111, I've arrived," Golden said.

For a complete list of events click here.

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