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Brave homeowner explains foiled burglary

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PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A burglary suspect remains in police custody because of the brave actions of a Palm Springs homeowner.  Ryan Berit chased down the intruder and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. It happened at the 600 block of North Belardo Road in Palm Springs.  The suspect is 37 year-old Ronald Bryant from Long Beach.

Berit recalls the early morning wake-up call from Sunday.  "I heard a bang in the front of my patio and then all of a sudden, the glass interior came inside to my bedroom," said Berit.

The glass door is now boarded up.  Berit lives at the condominium with his parents.  He says Bryant made all the noise and tried to break through the bedroom around 3 AM.  "Well he got up and started to run and I ran after him," said Berit.

Berit chased Bryant all the way to the street in front of the home.  To keep the would-be burglar from escaping, he made a firm threat.  "We had him on the ground and you know he was moving and I had to say if you move," said Berit.  "I'm going to shoot you."

Bryant laid still while the family called the police, on a white lie.  "The real thing is, I didn't have the gun," said Berit.  "My dad was coming with the gun, who was behind me, at least a minute behind me."

The police arrived and took Bryant into custody.  While surprised and impressed by Berit's actions, the police can't say it's always a good idea. "Every scenario is going to be different," said Berit.   "And that's why one set of rules or one set of advice is not going to work down the road."

The police may not give advice, but Berit gives this stern caution to others.
"I'm grateful that I could do this and catch someone but I wouldn't recommend that anyone else do this," said Berit.  "It's not something you should do."

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