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BNP Paribas set attendance record, plans to keep growing

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. - The 2013 BNP Paribas Open made history this year both on and off the court and is poised to do the same next year.  Crews have already started work on a brand new stadium that promises to bring in thousands more fans to the Valley. 

Over 382,000 fans watched some of the best players of the game battle it out in Indian Wells; a new event record.

Raymond Moore, the CEO of the BNP Paribas Open, says, "For us this was absolutely hands down the best tennis tournament we have ever had, so we are extremely happy."

Already it's become the biggest tennis tournament in the world outside of the four majors.

"That is one thing we have achieved. Some people are saying we should be a fifth slam, we are not saying that, we are just very happy and humble to be included in the conversation," said Moore. 

It's a conversation that is getting bigger. BNP Paribas announced it will continue to be the title sponsor at least for the next five years. 

At the Tennis Garden, work has already begun to get ready for next year's tournament.  Construction crews have broke ground on what will be a brand new second stadium that's expected to house about 8,000 fans. Add to that two new restaurants, more parking and a grand new entrance.  

The event is well on it's way to reach it's goal of 500,000 fans in the next five years.

"With the new facility, it gives us the capacity," said Moore. 

Indian Wells Mayor Mary Roche says, "Think of it, that is as many people as live in the Coachella Valley that we bring in for the tennis tournament in a two week time."

These are fans who not only watch tennis, but stay in hotels, eat at restaurants, and play golf all over the Coachella Valley.

Moore estimates this year's event pumped nearly $300 million into the local economy. 

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