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Bighorn is behind a miracle

Bighorn Golf Club Helps fight cancer

PALM DESERT, Calif. - "My favorite thing about golf is the challenge, and the group of women I've met playing golf, great people," Bighorn member Pat Harris said.

Two years ago, Pat Harris met another challenge -- off the course.

"I went in just as I always do, had a mammogram, and they saw something that looked suspicious. I thought, 'It's nothing, there's no breast cancer in my family.' As it turned out, they thought they better take a better look at it," Harris said.

As it turned out, the special machine doctors used on Harris to diagnose her with breast cancer came from the place Pat calls home -- the Bighorn Golf Club.

"The whole program is BAM! Let's go ahead and knock this right in the teeth," Theresa Maggio, Bighorn Director of Marketing, said.

Through events such as golf tournaments, Bighorn Behind A Miracle -- B.A.M.-- raises money for the Eisenhower Medical Center to help the Coachella Valley.

"It goes to diagnosis equipment, helping cancer patients, support services, counseling," Maggio said.

Last season, B.A.M. raised a million dollars in five months. It donated numerous pieces of technology to Eisenhower Medical Center, including the 3D ultrasound machine that changed Harris's life.

Through chemotherapy and the emotional struggles cancer brings, Harris waited patiently, something she learned from the frustrating game she loves.

"I had some challenges, other challenges in my life, where I needed to work on patience. I can always work on patience. I continue to work on being patient," Harris said.

Harris's six month mammogram looked good, so now she turns back to the other matter at hand.

"Today I feel great. My golf game isn't great, but that's an ongoing battle," Harris said.

That's one she'll fight on the green, proudly sporting pink.

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