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Big-rig driver dead in overnight crash

A semi-truck overturned just east of Indio

CACTUS CITY, Calif. -- - The driver of a tractor-trailor is dead after his truck jack-knifed on the I-10 just west of the Cactus City Rest Stop around 1:50 Tuesday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Police say the driver's truck rolled off the roadway, killing him instantly.

On scene, driver Albert Recendz had significant rear-end damage to his semi.

Recendz says that he was just driving along on Interstate 10, when the truck slammed into him. He says he looked behind him, and didn't see any truck. Recendez pulled over, and police had to notify him that the impact he felt was that of the rolled-over semi truck, laying in a mountainous area off the road.

Both big rigs were carrying bell peppers.

One lane of the I-10 in the area was closed as crews cleaned up the accident.

Investigators have yet to release the cause of the accident, and will not release the name of the driver until next of kin is notified.

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