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Bees swarm Indio

Bees swarm Indio

INDIO, Calif. - Workers trimming trees in Indio were disrupted by a swarm of bees early Tuesday morning.

The swarm stung four people, sending two to the hospital, according to CalFire.

It happened around 6:50 a.m., in front of a home near the intersection of Francis and Clinton. 

An elderly woman who lives at the home was stung more than 100 times and the man trimming the tree more than 80. Both were stung on the chest and head.

Two other workers were also stung a few times, but managed to get away.

Agustin Padron lives near by and said he saw the attack.

"I heard a loud holler you know, 'Help, help, help', " said Padron.

Firefighters responded and used foam to control the large swarm of bees.

No firefighters were stung or injured.

"We provided medical care to the two patients that were sitting on the ground and we put them in the ambulance and took them to the hospital," said Matthew Kotz, CalFire engineer.

Roads in the area of Clinton and Francis were shut down for about an hour, but have since reopened.

And we have learned the rest of the bees will remain in the tree until the people who live there call in pest control.

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