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Armed home invasion has family on edge

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Three people in ski masks broke into a Cathedral City home on Anza Court Friday night. A 19-year-old girl, who wishes to remain anonymous, and her ten-month-old baby were home alone. The victim's older sister, who also wished to remain off camera, told us the gripping story.

"I got a call from my mother, a hysterical call, saying 'You need to come to the house, your sister was tied up,'" the victim's sister said.

She described what happened to her younger sister when the intruders entered through an unlocked garage door.

"She was walking out of the restroom, and she felt someone hit her on the face. That's when she fell down to the ground on her knees. The first thing she thought of was 'Oh my God, my baby,'" the victim's sister said.

The victim ran to get her son, but one of the suspects caught up to her and tied her up with clear tape.

"He grabbed a knife from the kitchen, held it up to her neck and said 'If you scream, we will hurt your baby,'" the victim's sister said.
The young victim says there were three masked suspects involved. One man, about 5'8'', 180 pounds, had a stock build. Another man, about 5'5'' 130 pounds had a thin build. She has no description for the third, who was only heard not seen.

The family says they're thankful their loved one is alright and that only material things such as personal checks were taken from them. Now, they have a message.
"As a community, we need to stand together, and if something doesn't seem right, just call," the victim's sister said.

The family asks for your help, and for anyone with any information to call the Cathedral City Police Department.

"They can't solve anything if nobody says anything. They need our help, too. They can't do everything themselves."

Police continue to investigate.

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