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Archbishop of Canterbury on record supporting stricter gun control in U.S.

Anglican Church leader says easy access to guns draws vulnerable people toward violence

LONDON - The leader of the world's 80 million-strong Anglican Communion has thrown his support behind stricter gun control in the U.S., saying the easy availability of powerful weapons draws vulnerable people toward violence.
  Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams told the BBC that it was hard to get into the Christmas spirit given the "lives cut so brutally short and of the unimaginable loss and trauma suffered by parents."
  A lone gunman killed 20 small children and six adults at a Connecticut school on Dec. 14.
  Turning to the issue of gun control, Williams said: "People use guns but, in a sense, guns use people too. When we have the technology for violence easily to hand, our choices are skewed and we are more vulnerable to being manipulated into violent action."

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