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App connects people with free water stations

App connects people with free water stations

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - If you get thirsty walking around Palm Springs, there's now an app for that.  It's called, Tap It, and it will show you the nearest place where you can refill your water bottle for free.

Diana Konsmo is visiting from Vancouver and says, "Its important to have your water."

The city of Palm Springs agrees.   That's why it's launched Tap It, a sustainable program that provides free water all over the city.

Michele Mician, the sustainability manager for Palm Springs, says, "I saw this when I was out and about traveling at a restaurant, and the restaurant made that available for people.  So  I just thought it was a great idea that I would bring back with me to our city."

The idea is that when you are walking around Palm Springs and you find yourself a little low on water, instead of throwing your bottle out and buying a new one, you can just head to one of the participating business and get it filled up for free.

Ernie Kissling, a Palm Springs resident, says, "I think its a great idea and I encourage it."

Jan Cadwell, visiting from Wales, says, "Oh the idea of free water is fantastic."
To find one of the filling stations, just use your phone.  The Tap It app shows you the nearest business to fill up your water bottle.

"You are not always near a store where you are able to buy, but if you've got an app that will tell you where you can fill up your water bottle, I think that is a great idea," said Cadwell.

The program is just getting started, right now there is only a handful of places to go.

"Mclean Company Rentals is one of our partners, the library, the convention center, city hall and we are really looking for more and more business partners to get on board and help us promote this great program," said Mician.

Cindy Pieper, a local resident, says, "I think its awesome, I mean I know that especially around here in the summer most of our tourists don't drink enough water and I know they have a lot of health issues so the ability for them to find out where they can get it free water, I think is awesome."

The program also helps reduce trash.  Palm Springs is trying to become a zero waste city.

"If people know they can hold on to their bottle and get it refilled, maybe it's a plastic bottle and they are re filling it one or two or three more times, but its still being reused, and that is one less bottle they are going out to buy for a one time use," said Mician.

"We all know that we all use way too many bottles, so myself, I like to fill mine up when I can and to know that if there is someplace here on the street where I can get good clean fresh water to fill my bottle hey why not," said Pieper.

To get the app click here.

To sign your business up call Michele Mician at (760) 323-8214.

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