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Activists urge state to expand Medi-Cal program without delay

Supporters say expansion delays in Sacramento have left more than a million low-income Californians without insurance

Coachella Health Rally

COACHELLA, CALIF -      Healthcare activists gathered at Coachella City Hall to urge state elected officials to push the expansion of the Medi-Cal Program.

     Groups like "California Partnership" and representatives from Congressman Manuel Perez's office came out to call for action on healthcare.

     Supporters say the expansion of Medi-Cal has stalled in Sacramento and left more than one million low-income Californians without insurance.

     Assemblyman Dan Logue, a Marysville Republican said in a January interview that expanding eligibility could make for difficulties in getting timely medical care.

     "The idea of getting everybody insured that's fine. The problem is do we have the personnel to handle it? Is there going to be massive rationing for health care? ... If everybody has health insurance and nobody has health care, what good is it?"

     Medi-Cal supporters say legislation must be in place by June 1st for the state to be ready to enroll new clients by next year.

      They argue that each month of delay will cost the state hundreds of millions federal dollars -- that are currently up for grabs.

     Rallies were also held in Bakersfield and Los Angeles.

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