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A Real Life Super Hero

He may not fight crime, but he does help the less fortunate

A Real Life Superhero

PALM SPRINGS, Calif - It's a warm evening in Palm Springs, and Blue Alpha agreed to meet us... a rare glimpse of a "real life superhero."

"People see me coming from a mile away.  I'm not playing ninja.  I'm not playing batman." says Blue Alpha.

Tall and imposing... his "suit" seems utilitarian...a cape would get in the way of a back-pack stocked tonight with the tools of the trade.

"I've got some socks in here too, and if it's in the budget, we'll hit up toiletries, too.  Bottled water of course."

Hardly the weapons of your more famous comic book characters,  but for "blue
alpha's" mission... they're just right. 

He's part of the "Xtreme Justice League's" Inland Empire Chapter.  A group of costumed crusaders who do good in neighborhoods near you.  They're part neighborhood watch, part small-time crime-fighters.  Blue Alpha's specialty is helping the homeless.

Blue Alpha explains that "especially with the economy being in the gutter for so long, there's a lot of people down on their luck out there.  And no matter how hard it is for you, if you have a little to give, you should do it."

Every year dozens of real life superheroes get together during Comic Con
weekend in San Diego for H.O.P.E. or "Homeless Outreach Program Effect."

"We go out in force with these trucks, and we hand out 2-3 hundred packages of stuff to people who need them."

The story of how Blue Alpha joined forces with this team of "real life superheroes" doesn't involve a spider bite or radiation poisoning.

"I was mainly reading the online forum for laughs, the other guys claimed to have superpowers."

But the grocery store worker who lives minutes outside of palm springs found
one masked man whose mission rang true.

"He stopped lying to himself and admitted he does it because it's hella fun.  All right, all right.  That's reason enough for me."

That's how Blue Alpha got started.  Tonight he gets stares and catcalls. Some people even call out curse words.  

"I don't let it bother me.  I know I look silly.  I know that I'm doing a nerdy thing, and i'm ok with it."

Because he's also doing a pretty good thing for people like "John" a homeless man in Palm Springs the gets a packet of socks and food from Blue Alpha.  "John" tells us that "not everybody's on drugs or alcohol.  some of us just got in a bad situation.  But he's a good guy.  His outfit's a little weird, but you
know... that draws attention."

A couple of kids that saw Blue Alpha in action thought it was Captain America.  The children's mother Kristen Landeros approves.  "Whatever makes him happy.  yeah, and if you're going to help somebody, it's better than half the people who are running around today, not helping people."

Bryan Gallyot agrees "if everybody did that-- could you imagine?"

Another homeless helped by Blue Alpha calls him a "homeless hero!"

"Actually getting a pair of socks is pretty cool.  cause shoes
can kind of stink after awhile."

Blue Alpha hits the streets whenever he can and his own bank account
allows.  While he leaves people like Cheri snacks, water, clean socks,
and a smile on her face...he never leaves his name.

Blue Alpha says he doesn't want the credit he just "wants the attention to the problems I'm trying to address."

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