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12-12-12 sparks many to say "I Do"

12-12-12 sparks many to say "I Do"

Saturday is the most popular day to get married, but excitement over the triple 12's had couples rushing, not just walking, down the aisle in the middle of the week.

"I'm excited. It's a date we've been waiting for," Efren Sanchez said.
Couples filled the county clerk's office in Riverside. The same thing in Indio, and, everywhere else.

"Even our Blythe office, which is the smallest office, has four scheduled. It's been a large interest throughout the whole county," Monica Morales of the Riverside County clerk's office said.

Riverside County isn't the only place brimming with couples walking down the aisle.
The Viva Las Vegas Chapel gives couples 40 wedding package options -- from pirate to gothic to gangster themes.

"We had it planned for 11-11-11, but it passed and we didn't have a chance to do it on that date. So we're happy we did it on 12-12-12," Sanchez said.

For those who believe in the meaning behind the numbers, the famous Vegas chapel's website explains: "The charismatic and fun-loving couple that gets married on a 12 day is lucky and balanced."

About halfway through her officiating duties, we talked to Leticia Quintero.

"We have some (brides) coming in in the whole attire. The suits, wedding dresses, and you feel it. You feel the love there is. Some are really funny," Quintero said.

"It is a simple day to remember but that wasn't why. We liked the date. It's not going to come around for a while," Sanchez said.

It won't come around for a century. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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