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Family protests for justice in Halloween murder

INDIO, Calif. - What started out as a Halloween party two years ago ended with the deaths of two men.
"My son and his friend were killed two years ago on Halloween and we have not heard anything from the detectives," Emma Fernandez said.

Police found Isable Morales Jr. dead just after 1 a.m. Victor Padilla died later in the hospital.
Two years later, the shootings remain unsolved. Morales's family can't find peace. They hope someone who saw something will say something.

"We are not going to let this be like any other case that is a cold case," Morales's aunt, Susie Deltoro, said.

"There are too many murders unsolved, too many families that have not heard anything," Fernandez said.

The family said it will continue to fight -- until justice is done.

"We are tempted to be here every six months if that's what it takes for them to do something about it," Deltoro said.
Police say they're still investigating the shootings, they just need more information.

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