We now know the 71-year-old woman stung about a 1,000 times by killer bees is awake and recovering in the hospital.  We first brought you the story as it was breaking Thursday night.  Five firefighters and a few neighbors also got stung before the dangerous hive could be removed.  

People who live in and around the Montecito community in Palm Desert are still shaken up but the attack.  We couldn't get in the gated community to see if all the bees got removed, but people told us they haven't seen any more.  

"Hopefully they are gone for good," said resident Galye Clark.

Clark says this isn't the first time bees have made themselves at home in this Palm Desert community.

"We used to have a fountain in our front courtyard and every year the bees would return two or three times and build a hive inside the fountain and my husband would get rid of the bees and they kept returning and I'm wondering because we just pulled our fountain out last year if these are the same bees," said Clark

"As you can see, our backyard buts up right to Montecito, it's like right there," said Renee Loewen.

Loewen's back yard butts up to the gated community where the bees attacked. 

"I really didn't know what was going on because I was in the kitchen but my husband was out barbecuing the same exact time this happened he heard noises and sirens and he didn't know what was going on," said Loewen.

Loewen said they later read online what happened.  On the next street over, nearly 80,000 killer bees stung anyone and everyone in the area including five firefighters who helped rescue a 71 year-old woman visiting from out of state. 

"She seemed to be stable yet she seemed to be in pain we didn't want to bother her too much with questions we just wanted to say hello and that we were there for her," said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Mark Williams.  "Her husband was overly appreciative.  He was willing to donate right there immediately on the spot to the fire department, we just explained to him that's our job, that's what we do."

Riverside County Sheriff's department sent out a reverse 911 call to warn people in the area to stay inside, but Loewen says her phone never rang.

"A little concerned because we wouldn't have been out barbecuing then we would have come inside immediately," said Loewen.

The phone did ring just a few houses down the street. 

"It said that there was a swarm of bees and to stay indoors until further notice," said Lisa (who didn't want to give her last name.)

Lisa told the phone call came after she heard about the story watching News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 News.

"They said right between Cook street and Frank Sinatra and when they showed the map that's like right there so i got nervous," said Lisa.

"Just hope it doesn't happen again," said Loewen. 

"It's really scary, bees are really scary," said Lisa. 

We were able to talked to the Riverside County Sheriff's department about the reverse 911 calls and why some people didn't get a phone call.  They told us, there is no reason why they shouldn't have gotten a call, and say if you are concerned or believe there is a problem, you should contact your phone company.  Remember these calls go out to land lines but you should not have to sign up to get a call.