• 3-day cease-fire announced in Mideast conflict

    Israeli airstrike in Gaza van hit

    REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

    After weeks of fighting and hundreds of deaths, some semblance of peace may be coming to the Middle East -- at least temporarily.

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Thursday that an unconditional humani...

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    By Mariano Castillo, Greg Botelho and Karl Penhaul CNN
  • Working with Ebola virus

    REUTERS/Edward Echwalu

    Ebola vaccine tests planned soon, NIH says

    The National Institutes of Health will begin testing an experimental Ebola vaccine in people as early as September, the NIH announced Thursday.

  • Sharknado 2

    From Syfy

    'Sharknado 2' runaway ratings hit

    The Syfy channel's first "Sharknado" movie last July generated buzz through social media chatter.

    The second movie, appropriately titled "Sharknado 2: The Second One," used a different tactic -- getting attention through ample news coverage in the ru...

  • Doctors Without Borders treating Ebola outbreak, Guinea

    From Doctors Without Borders

    Source: Infected Americans to be evacuated

    A U.S.-contracted medical charter flight left Cartersville, Georgia, Thursday to evacuate two American charity workers in Liberia infected with Ebola hemorrhagic fever, a source told CNN.

    A CNN crew saw the airplane, a long-range business jet, depart...

  • Floor of NYSE

    Dow plunges 317 points, now down for year

    The best thing we can say about Thursday's stock market trading is that it is now over. The Dow fell 317 points, erasing all of its gains for the year.

  • House of Representatives, Capitol

    Burke Buckhorn/CNN

    GOP dysfunction delays House's August recess

    On what was supposed to be the last day before summer recess, dysfunction reigned in Congress.

    House Republican leaders called off a vote Thursday on their $659 million emergency response to the border influx from Central America overwhelming immigrat...

  • Md train derailment

    Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    Broken rail caused deadly 2012 derailment

    A broken rail caused a train derailment near Baltimore two years ago that killed two young women sitting on a railroad bridge, the National Transportation Safety Board said Thursday.

  • MH17 crash site

    Raja Razek/CNN

    OSCE team reaches MH17 crash site area

    It's a staggering figure, two weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot out of the sky.

    As many as 80 bodies could still be lying in the fields of eastern Ukraine where the passenger jet crashed, Australia's foreign minister told CNN on Thursda...

  • Ray Rice runs throw defender

    Patrick Smith/Reuters

    Ravens' Rice: 'My actions were inexcusable'

    Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens running back suspended by the NFL for two games after video showed him dragging his unconscious then-fiancée from an elevator, told reporters Thursday his actions were "inexcusable."

    "You know that's not me," he said. "...

  • Ebola, West Africa blurb

    REUTERS/Tommy Trenchard

    Could Ebola come to the United States?

    Yes, Ebola can come to the United States. But no, there's no reason to panic.

  • Weekly int'l flights from countries hit by Ebola

    Jason Kwok/CNN

    What is risk of catching Ebola on a plane?

    Deadly diseases like Ebola are only a plane ride away. In today's interconnected world, linked by transoceanic flights, one infected person can trigger a domino effect that pays no attention to borders.

  • CIA logo


    CIA apologizes for spying on Senate committee

    CIA Director John Brennan apologized to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday and admitted the agency spied on computers used by its staffers who prepared an investigation of the controversial post 9/11 CIA interrogation and detention program.

  • Toddler dies after trapped in hot car


    Toddler dies after getting trapped in hot car

    A 3-year-old boy in Southern California died Wednesday after he climbed into an unlocked car on a hot summer's day and was trapped, police said.

    The toddler was playing alone in the front yard of his house in Sylmar while his parents were home when he...

  • Hot car death boy

    Courtesy Lindsey Rogers-Seitz

    A mother's mission to stop hot car deaths

    As a mother, I would understand completely if Lindsey Rogers-Seitz, a mother from Ridgefield, Connecticut, never wanted to get out of bed in the morning.

  • Presidents George W

    Bush writes book about Bush

    For George W. Bush, this project is personal. The 43rd president of the United States has written a book about his father, who happens to be the nation's 41st president.

  • New Mexico man marinates dog

    Police: Man planned to eat girlfriend's dog

    According to a criminal complaint filed in a Torrance County, New Mexico, court, the dog was stabbed in the heart and skinned. Parts of the animal were then buried in the backyard, while others were marinating inside a bag in a freezer.

  • Ebola virus


    What is Ebola and why does it kill?

    The deadliest outbreak of Ebola virus on record has sparked fears that the killer virus could spread from West Africa to other regions and continents.

  • Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

    REUTERS/Argentine Presidency/Handout via Reuter

    No deal: Argentina in default as talks fail

    Argentina has defaulted for the second time in 13 years after officials failed to come to an agreement with the country's bondholders.

    After frantic last minute talks failed to produce a deal late Wednesday, Standard & Poor's deemed the country to be ...

  • Elderly senior looking at bill


    Protection agencies: 5 'worst' consumer complaints

    An annual survey of 40 local and state consumer protection agencies that were asked to single out the most common and outrageous complaints they have received over the past year.

  • India landslides


    Landslides trap 170 people or more in India

    Landslides caused by heavy monsoon rains may have trapped 170 people or more in a village in western India, a senior official said Wednesday.

    At least 30 bodies had been recovered Thursday as the search continued. Eight survivors were pulled out with ...

  • Capitol building dome

    Burke Buckhorn/CNN

    House authorizes lawsuit against Obama

    The Republican-led House approved a resolution on Wednesday authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama over claims he abused his powers at the expense of Congress and the Constitution.

  • Ventura member of no party, would abolish two-part system


    Ventura wins $1.8M after suing ex-SEAL sniper

    It was a lawsuit pitting two larger-than-life personalities against each other -- former pro wrestler-turned-Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and ex-Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.

  • MH17 crash3

    REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

    Is 2014 the deadliest year for flights?

    Some may wonder if, statistically, the skies are getting more dangerous. They may ask themselves whether 2014 is trending toward one of the deadliest years in aviation history. Experts say don't be nervous.

  • Senate

    Senate TV

    Oops. Senate makes $2 billion error

    Senators trying to mount a head-on battle with the House over highway funding may have doomed their own bill with a $2 billion mistake.

  • Depressed anxious woman, depression


    Could a blood test predict suicides?

    Approximately 36,000 deaths are caused by suicide each year in the United States. What if a simple blood test could one day help prevent that from happening?


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