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Valley hotels pulling out all the stops for Coachella weekend

Hotels prepare for music festivals

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - The Coachella Valley will be the pop culture capital of the world -- the next 2 weekends -- with 10's of thousands of people coming here for the Coachella Arts and Music Festival. Hotels are sold out -- at inflated rates -- from one end of the valley to the other -- and they're stepping up their game to grow with the festival.

For the first time ever the Miramonte Resort and Spa will be hosting a Coachella experience for its guests. There will be braided bars, clothing pop-up shops, and even late night eats for people when they get back from the festival.

"I think Coachella the festival itself has really elevated year after year and we’re just mirroring that so guests can start at the resort for their festival experience and then go to the festival and finish it with poke burritos at 2 am", said Katie Fletcher, marketing manager at the Miramonte Resort & Spa.

Fletcher says this year they're they're pulling out all the stops. 

"We are elevating the property this year with a full Coachella experience we brought in DJs from Los Angeles and we are partnering with mixology clothing for a pop-up shop. We have a latte artist and then we’ll have hair braiding flash tattoos late night eats it will be jamming all weekend."

Even casinos are getting in on the hotel business. For the first time ever Spotlight 29 is opening a pop-up hotel.

Ezekiel Bonillas, director of economic development at Spotlight 29, described the pop-up hotels, "Basically it’s a cubed hotel made out of aluminum beams and canvas walls and it’s a really neat bohemian." 

They’re also offering tent camping and RV parking for those who like to bring their own accommodations.

Spotlight 29 know how important it is to make sure you look good for the festival so they are bringing trailers with sinks, power outlets, and even some showers.

"We got a little creative this year we found a company out of Orange County this year that rents out vintage VW camping vans so we’re offering those to people to stay or they can bring their own RV or we’ll provide it for them,'" 

So whether your camping outside or lounging on your hotel bed, chances are businesses throughout the valley are doing whatever they can to make your Coachella experience a great one.

Hotels we talked to today say their busiest day will be tomorrow. The Miramonte is expecting 200 check-ins tomorrow alone. So expect a lot of traffic tomorrow.

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