Mother speaks out after son's body found dumped along dirt road

Mother speaks out after sons body found dumped along dirt road near DHS

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - A mother is demanding justice after her son’s body was found dumped along a dirt road near Desert Hot Springs.

With tears filling her eyes, Michelle Jesse built a memorial on the spot where the body of her son, Eric Littleton, 29, was found. 

Filled with an unimaginable sorrow, Jesse read a eulogy she had prepared.

"He was my son, he was a brother, an uncle and a grandson. This is so heartbreaking for me and my family. Our lives will never be the same without Eric," Jesse said with tears running down her face.

Mother seeks answers after son found dead near Desert Hot Springs

Littleton's body was found a long this dirt road a few hundred feet east of Mountain View Road in August 2017. Investigators said he had decomposing out in the elements for weeks and his body had been eaten by coyotes and scavengers.

It was so bad Jesse said the coroner is unable to determine an exact cause of death. Investigators with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said is that Littleton's body was dumped and this is an open death investigation.

"Someone dumped my son’s body there. They either carried or drove and dumped his body back here. We want answers. Somebody knows," Jesse said.

Jesse said her son was a model and masseur living here in the Coachella Valley. She didn’t know if he was involved with anything criminal, but she said he was an incredible son and sibling. Eric was the oldest, he has a brother and three sisters.

"He loved to work out. He and his brother would go work out. He would take his sisters to the movies or to a dance and now we don’t have that with Eric no more. They took my son from me and we are never going to be the same," Jesse said.

Jesse lives in Kentucky, but she knows Littleton had friends here in the area who might know something.

If you have any information about this case, or any information about Littleton to call the Sheriff's Department or Crime Stoppers at (760) 341-STOP.

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