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  • Up in the air: Fed rate hike remains unclear

    Federal Reserve

    Floyd Yarmuth/CNN

    Clarity is a rare commodity at the Federal Reserve lately.

    We hoped that the August jobs report would provide a clear signal on the strength of the economy before the U.S. central bank meets in less than two weeks and decides whether it will raise it...

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    By Patrick Gillespie




Shippers look to grab a piece of Northwest Passage

Arctic passage

CNN, CCTV, European Space Agency, United States Coast Guard, National Academy Of Sciences, Mackenzie Funk, Crystal Cruises

Melting Arctic Ocean ice could open new shipping lanes, creating a Northwest Passage. Countries that abut the ocean, like Canada, Russia and the U.S., are anxious to stake their claim.

Special report: Market’s roller coaster ride

Wall Street tanks

After taking a 1,000-point plunge on Monday, the Dow Jones industrial average closes down 588 points.

Town manager makes fun of man; he complains, is fired

Johnny King

WECT, The News Reporter

A former Chadbourn, North Carolina town employee says he was fired because he complained about the way the acting town manager was ridiculing him about some embarrassing photos.

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