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  • 1 in 5 laid-off workers can't find a job

    Job fair

    More than 20% of workers laid off in the last five years haven't found new jobs, according to a Rutgers University survey released Monday.

    That's about the same proportion of people who said they had been laid off in that time, and it illustrates how ...

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    By Melvin Backman




Climate change activists flood Wall Street

Wall Street climate change

Activists try to shut down Wall Street to bring attention to climate change.

'Friends' fan re-creates Central Perk in China

Central Perk re-created in China


A "Friends" super fan has lovingly re-created the show's Central Perk coffee shop in China. He says the show isn't just entertaining, it's a great way to help Chinese residents learn English.

Meet Alibaba founder Jack Ma

Meet Jack Ma


Jack Ma started out as an English teacher. Now, he's an entrepreneur and founder of online giant Alibaba whose wealth is estimated at between $4 billion and $13 billion.

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