Millions of Snapchat accounts compromised in hack

Millions of Snapchat accounts compromised in hack

INDIO, Calif. - "I just don't know exactly what information they did get, if they even got pictures or whatever I sent over social media," said Tiffany Suarez.  She was shocked to learn she's among the millions of Snapchat users whose account information was hacked earlier this week.

"I checked my son's and I checked my husband's and they were hacked as well," Suarez said.

The images and videos users share on Snapchat self-destruct almost instantly. But digital forensic specialists say they remain in your phone in hidden files and extensions that can later be retrieved by hackers.

Suarez says her main fears aren't about her own Snapchats.

"Kids are kids and so it's just always a concern, that's why you have to monitor kind of what they're sending. Except you can't really monitor Snapchat," Suarez said.

But there are now ways to protect your digital privacy.

Mobile apps, like Trunx, allow you to store pictures and videos in your own private vault in the cloud, using advanced encryption technology. No one can gain access even if your device is lost, stolen or hacked. 

"There's a lot of personal moments that we've taken for granted that we really thought were just for our eyes only and we see here through this hack that's happened, just how vulnerable we are," said Sandra Ponce de Leon, VP of Marketing for Trunx. 

Despite the scare, Suarez says she'll continue to use Snapchat and hopes her kids only send photos they won't regret surfacing later.

"I just have no idea what the fascination is but obviously we're all on it," Suarez said.

Here is a list of mobile apps that aim to protect your digital privacy:

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