Man with no limbs, Nick Vujicic, speaks in Indian Wells

Man with no limbs, Nick Vujicic, speaks in Indian Wells

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. - Despite being born with no limbs, Nick Vujicic lives a life with no limits.

"My universal message is to love yourself, know the truth of your value and know your purpose," Vujicic said. He's the founder of the non-profit, Life Without Limbs.

Vujicic's purpose is to inspire people to dream big and stay true to who they are, and having a sense of humor can go a long way.

"With my little foot, I can do the peace sign, peace," he joked during his speech at Southwest Church in Indian Wells Saturday.
But it wasn't always easy for Vujicic to laugh at himself. Growing up he searched for normalcy in his life, but he was the victim of bullying.

"Fear will cripple you more than having no arms and no legs. In fact at age eight, primarily because of bullying, I thought about attempting suicide. And at age 10, I tried," Vujicic said.

He added that it was his faith in God that pulled him out of his darkest moments.

More than 1300 people came to hear Vujicic's message of hope and perseverance at Southwest Church.

"He's learned to overcome barriers in his life and he's learned how to bridge gaps that people would think aren't obtainable," said Scott Hitzel who brought his two sons to see Vujicic speak.

"There are so many people who have less adversities and I think it gives them a way to cope with it," said Jan Boydstun of La Quinta.

A message that all of us, no matter who we are or what limits we place on ourselves, can learn from.

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