Family and friends say a body found along the side of Interstate 10, east of Highway 62 on Monday, was 44-year-old Ken Rambo from Palm Springs. After talking with investigators a family-friend said they believe Rambo was on his way to a photo shoot in Los Angeles when he got stranded in the desert, walked to a call box for help and may have suffered a heat stroke. However, the Riverside County Coroner has yet to release his name and cause of death.

Rambo just turned 44 earlier this month and is survived by his brother, sister and mother Karen.
Friends say the actor, turned photographer and artist, lived a talented life and career, but it was cut too short.

His work lines the walls of Gallery 446 in Palm Springs. Gallery owner, friend and fellow photographer, Dimitri Halkidis says he'll miss the man behind the lens.

"He was just a delightful person, everything was fun, and he really enjoyed life," he said.

Halkidis invites the community to the Ken Rambo Celebration this Saturday at 4 p.m. at Gallery 446, located on South Indian Canyon.

"He was an activist, brother son a friend, it was appropriate to have it at the gallery. We represented him in a number of shows," said Halkidis.
Rambo's art will be sold at the celebration, the proceeds will help his family with funeral costs.

Halkidis said it's a way to keep his friend's legacy alive through his work and inspire future young artists. Rambo's loved ones hope to honor his mantra "peace, love and light."