Locals react to idea of arming teachers

Video: Locals react to idea of arming teachers

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - President Trump said he believes arming teachers and coaches would help prevent more school shootings from happening. At a meeting with state and local officials, Trump proposed giving bonuses to trained teachers who carry arms.



The idea has received mixed reactions across the board, but one thing everyone can agree on is that they want change.

"I think it would really make people think if they want to enter the profession. If they know they have to come strapped and armed every day to school," said Herb Claggett, the president of Palm Springs Teachers Association.

Some students say they would feel safer if students were armed.

"I'll feel safe because they can prevent a school shooting," said Zevastian Rushing, a senior at Mt. San Jacinto High School.

Others said it would scare them.

"I think that's scary. You walk into school and see a teacher with a gun," said Michael Lowery, a junior at Palm Springs High School.

Claggett said that while individual teachers have their own opinions about the potential of being armed, the majority are not comfortable with it. 

"We may be able to kill an intruder, save a couple lives during a mass shooting, but in the meantime, we would have dozens, hundreds of lives lost. The same way they are in households, from suicides and accidents and all that."

What does the proposed idea mean for local law enforcement?

"In the instance where the school district may be involved and there could be multiple people armed, we would certainly put in place training between the two organizations so we would both be able to identify each other when and if we would have to go on campus," said Sergeant William Hutchinson of Palm Springs Police Department.

Meanwhile, teachers and parents hope for a safe environment for their students.

"We just have to make sure that we protect the children and keep them out of the hands that hurt kids," Clagett said.

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