Locals celebrate Black History Month

Video: Locals celebrate Black History Month

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Millions across the nation are celebrating Black History Month by paying tribute to the contributions of African American people in history and today.

The Palm Springs Unified School District hosted an event Saturday morning. Keynote speakers and student leader shared their knowledge about African American historical events and culture.

“You’re talking about celebrating a group of people who came here with nothing and made something,” said one speaker. 

Corey Hoskins was in the audiance and described the event as empowering. 

“I went in proud and I came out proud knowing that our future is in great hands with our young kids learning how to be leaders at young ages. They're getting an education that we didn’t,” Hoskins said.

His Goddaughter is one of those students honoring past leaders. 

“To respect the people who helped us with slavery and changing the world,” third grade student, Xyana Booth said.

And down the road, people joined together for the third annual Black History Month Cultural Appreciation Fashion, Music and Art Extravaganza. 

“It's a holiday that shouldn’t just be a month. It should be incorporated in school books and curriculum so that it's knowledge that we all have,” said Aneka Brown, one of the event coordinaters. 

As evening approached the Palm Springs Black History Month comittee hosted an awards gala honoring local African American leaders. 

“Our theme this year is African Americans in time of war and we're going to recognize them tonight and show them that we appreciate what they do for our community. Black history is not just what you hear at school. There's a lot of history you don’t hear about and we nee to promote and put a light on,” William Pellum, one of the organizers said.

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