Local teacher wins $500 award

WATCH: Local teacher wins $500 award

INDIO, Calif. - The August "One Class At A Time" award goes to Ms. Carol Acker's resource classes at Herbert Hoover Elementary. Every month, KESQ News Channel 3 teams up with Walter Clark Legal Group to award a local classroom $500 for educational and inspirational projects. 

"I have students with special needs, learning disabilities. Some like me, I relate to my students they are energetic, bouncy sometimes, like an energizer bunny," Ms. Acker said. 

Ms. Acker wants to help her students learn in the best way for them.

"To have something to really fit my students. To be able to integrate their needs in my classroom," she said. 

She talked to us about her plans to spend the money. 

"Having a standing desk in my class, to have some students be able to stand and work. I'd love to have a lectern to have a table to use my new high-tech screen," Ms. Acker said.

To apply to be the next winner of the "One Class At A Time" award, go to, find the Lifestyles tab, and click One Class At A Time.

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