Local students write cards for Parkland school shooting hero

Indio students write cards for Parkland school shooting hero

INDIO, Calif. - Students at John Glenn Middle School in Indio wrote handmade letters to Anthony Borges, a 15-year-old student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida who was shot five times when he stepped in to save at least 20 of his fellow students when a gunman opened fire in the school.

Valeria, a student at JGMS, wrote to Anthony, "Life has many thorns like a rose but it also has a beautiful rose at the end keep being yourself, strong and amazing and let's not forget heroic. I'm not going to say sincerely but I'm going to say, love, because we need more of it."

During the shooting, Anthony locked the door to a classroom to protect students, as he blocked the door, the shooter fired through it, hitting Anthony in the back and in both legs, shattering his thigh bone, according to a verified GoFundMe account.

"The decision he made was well crazy but he saved all those students," said Jayvin, a student at JGMS.

Samantha, another student at JGMS read, "When I heard about you, Anthony Borges took five shots for your class, wow I would never do anything like that you fearless and so brave."

Sandi Mangan's sixth-grade class decided themselves to write the cards to Anthony.

"I wish you will get better. I love how you stepped up and saved the kids. You are courageous brave a hero and principal I hope you get better," read Izabelle, a sixth-grader at JGMS.

"You are a savior. You are brave. You are super. Get well soon Anthony from John Glenn Middle School," read Emily, JGMS student.

The students plan to send their cards to Anthony in the hospital sometime next week

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